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Consultancy Services

We can provide support for your Sports Club / Community organisation in a range of ways. The most requested services are listed below but get in touch if you have a different project, you need support with. 

Larger facility and strategic services are now delivered through Continuum Sport & Leisure and the capacity to deliver other projects is reduced, but we can provide general advice, club support sessions and mentoring as outlined on our home page

We will arrange an initial discussion to understand your requirements and then provide you with a proposal outlining the costs for our services or if we are unable to help we will provide contacts for other consultants who may be able to. 


Sports Development

Are you looking to grow your Club / Organisation, increase numbers or improve your offer?

We will work with your Club / Organisation to generate ideas and review your structure, check your National Governing Bodies priorities and needs for your area to create a comprehensive and deliverable plan to achieve your objectives. 

Facility Development

Looking to develop your facilities but don't know where to start?


We can produce a feasibility report to highlight the need for your proposed facility, the sports development outcomes and potential funding available to make your dream a reality.   

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Implementation Planning

Strategy & Planning

Do you have a clear Vision / Strategy? Do you have a clear understanding of your member's needs? 

We will develop consultation sessions to ensure your members are engaged and help you create a clear strategy for the future. 

Funding Guidance

Need guidance on what funding is available for your


We can identify what funding is available and support you by reviewing applications, as well as exploring other ideas to help with income generation to ensure you are making the most of your own assets.  

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