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Year Two - Review & Relocation

I started my business in August 2019 so later this month I will celebrate two years of business. When I started, it was very much a case of I’ll give it a go and review it after 6 months. Six months came and so did Covid but there were shoots of opportunity and in the circumstances, it was worth waiting a bit longer. On my first business anniversary, things were beginning to look brighter, it was summer, we were out of lockdown and the networking I had done was beginning to pay off.

Fast forward to now and whilst we have been in and out of lockdown again, the seeds that were sown in the initial year are now flourishing, I have several clients, a variety of work including tutoring, and a good referral network for new opportunities.

I set myself a bit of a challenge last year and that was to start sending out e-newsletters and writing a blog. I have done this once a month for the past year and I welcome your feedback on either the blog or the newsletter if you receive it (and if you don’t – why haven’t you signed up?).

One thing good to come out of the last year is people’s increasing confidence in digital technology, meaning I have been able to communicate to a wider network of clients via virtual means. Currently, I am working with clubs and community organisations in Essex, Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, and Leicestershire, some of these I have met in person, but for some, all of the communication has been done either online, by phone, or email. I would never want to have no face-to-face contact, but online meetings certainly help with efficiency, time management and does away with limitations on boundaries.

Next month (hopefully… pending solicitor's paperwork) I will be relocating my home and the business to Eastbourne, Sussex, and will continue to work with my current clients virtually as well as in-person (when needed). I will also aim to establish some new contacts in the Sussex area. There will be a period of change as I adapt to my new surroundings but the sea air, amazing views, and being mortgage-free will definitely take the pressure off any possible future business interruption.

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