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We go again....

We go again…A popular phrase that is often used after a sporting defeat, similarly the cry of 0-0 that can be heard on the pitch after the opposition has scored a goal or at the start of the second half. These phrases are meant to try and forget the loss or goal and reset the clock, a form of starting over, clearing the memory, and evoking that determination to try again.

However, it only lasts for so long and depends on the significance of the game, we all have ways of getting over disappointment, for some it's analysis and reflection, what went wrong and why for others it's avoidance, aiming to forget and move on.

Last week I faced a huge disappointment when my planned relocation fell through two days before the planned move date. Hugely frustrating, annoying and costly, as we lost both the stamp duty saving and part of our removal fees. We were left revaluating everything, was the house still right for us, could we wait to move and still do what we wanted before winter set in, should we start looking again.

After a few days of trying to get our seller to compromise on dates or price, we decided to take matters into our own hands and look to see what else was up for sale. There wasn’t a huge amount, as we have quite a specific wish list, but a few stood out. We arranged some more viewings and had another trip south to Sussex, covering a number of miles from Bexhill to Eastbourne to Arundel. We had enough petrol to get there but unsure about the return journey we decided to stop on route if we found a station with petrol and only a small queue. Luckily, we did, a smart station owner who had limited transactions to £20 ensuring fuel for many and a quick-moving queue.

Our trip and the reflection time meant the frustrations and anger at the situation had diminished some, and whilst it will be a challenge, we realised we could make it work and the house was still right for us. We got back in touch with the Solicitors to try and agree on a date to exchange and move. This time it went relatively smoothly with everyone happy with the date our Seller proposed, and we have now exchanged to move on 21st October. A little later than originally planned but now with more assurance, it will happen.

We all deal with disappointment in different ways and can take differing lengths of time to come to terms with it. It is important to recognise that and respect the way others choose to handle it but ultimately, it's important to take time to reflect, refocus and move forward.

Caroline x

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