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Strange times

As we head into another lockdown there is a feeling of anxiety and hope.

Anxiety that this may extend longer than 4 weeks or that even if we come out of a national lockdown, regional restrictions will still prevent most sporting activity.

Hope that after 4 weeks we can return to ‘normal’ or what we were starting to feel ‘normal’ in the circumstances. Having been through it once and survived there is a feeling that it's ok we can do it again, but then comes the memory of how hard it was and not wanting to repeat that. I don’t want to make you feel more miserable but instead suggest you try to focus on what could be done during this enforced break.

Maybe it’s an opportunity to take stock, review and plan to come back stronger a second time?. If you want to discuss how your organisation can do that get in touch.

I am willing to listen and offer advice where I can on ways forward and don’t feel it means you then need to engage my services, you don’t, I just want to help during this tough time. I understand money is tight and can signpost you to free courses, places to find funding and offer general advice so that your club/community can get back to delivering as soon as they can.

Consultants often have a bad reputation so people who charge vast amounts of money for delivering only adequate services and you will have seen the recent press about the consultants running the COVID Test and Trace app commanding a day rate of £7,000!. Like most things and any other service you need, it's all about doing your research and not just engaging in the first person you meet. You need to understand what their expertise is, their motivations, availability and then what is the cost and whether that is reasonable to you for the service you will get.

My motivations are simple, I want to support grassroots sport and community organisations to achieve their goals by sharing the knowledge I have gained over years of working in sport and football. I enjoy working directly with community organisations and like to think those I work with see me as a trusted advisor. I will always have a meeting with potential clients looking to engage my services first before even talking prices so I can understand your needs and how I can help. The quote for my services will be tailored to you specifically and based on the time I feel it will take me to complete the work, but whilst that project is going will always be on hand for queries or general support should something else come up.

Hopefully, that gives you a better idea about the initial support I can offer now to help you through this time and in the future should you need it.


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