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Show me the Money

An iconic catchphrase from a great film, that just so happens to star my teenage crush ‘Tom Cruise’!...

Money can be a hot topic for clubs, many manage well with membership fees generally covering their costs as well as organising tournament and events to top up funds or for special projects. Covid has obviously made this difficult and clubs need to consider how they structure fees for the restart of football and next season to ensure they are covering their costs and managing the struggle some parents will be facing financially.

One slight positive we have seen during Covid is people becoming more community-focused and providing support in their local area. As well as an increased awareness of the importance of being active not just for the physical benefits but for the mental wellbeing benefits as well. Hopefully, this will mean more interest and more volunteers for clubs.

Clubs with ambitions to grow and develop will be on the lookout for more funding, whether that is from grants or through sponsorship, but it is important to differentiate between the two and for organisations to decide what their focus is, what they need funding for and who, within the club, has the skills to do it. Maybe you need to recruit someone new onto your committee or get external help, but the scale of the task and time needed should not be underestimated.

During the pandemic we have seen grant organisations change their focus, some have just closed, others have changed their criteria to focus on front line delivery and new funding has emerged. We have also seen some streamline their processes, getting money to those that need it quickly. I very much hope this lasts.

I recently did an interview with LoveAdmin on funding, sharing my top tips for success and where to get support. You can watch the video or read the summary here and if you want advice around sponsorship check out their series of articles on sponsorship for more useful information.

If you decide you need external support or just specific advice on getting started, then get in touch.

Caroline x

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