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Looking forward

Updated: May 9, 2021

So March is finally here and as a type, the sun is shining through the window, Spring is on its way and it seems we may have a way out of this Coronavirus Pandemic. Its been a tough year for most people, with businesses closed, sport coming to a halt and facemasks everywhere, but now it may be time to look forward to meeting friends and family, to be able to go to a restaurant and importantly to enjoy sport, whether that be playing, officiating or volunteering. There is the beginning of a clamour of excitement as we eagerly wait for official advice from the various governing bodies on just how we can return.

Rather than just wait, it is a good time to start planning for your future and that just what several British Canoe clubs are doing having recently completed the #ClubMatters workshop ‘Planning for your future’ that I delivered last week. If you are not familiar with Sport England’s Club Matters programme it is worthwhile visiting the website which includes a variety of practical resources to support sports clubs develop and grow.

The hardest part of writing plans/strategies is usually getting started. There is a misconception that they need to be long, detailed documents, but they don’t have to be complicated in fact the easier they are to read and use the better because if you don’t review and update your plan regularly it won’t be worthwhile. Having a plan is important as it helps to focus your club's direction, ensures you stay on track to meet your goals and helps to identify funding gaps.

There is lots of support and guidance out there to help you get going but if you are stuck and don’t have the time to start this, you may consider engaging a consultant (like me) I would work with your committee to understand your vision for the club and devise a plan that you can then put into action. Throughout the process, I would be on hand to support the club and offer advice. If this sounds like something that might help your club you can find out more about my motivations and how I work read an earlier blog I wrote titled ‘strange times’ or just get in touch.

Caroline x

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