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Fair Game

I recently announced I was joining Fair Game as their Director of Strategy, so I thought I would use this month’s blog to tell you more about the organisation and why I got involved.

Fair Game is a growing band of clubs committed to the same principles of sustainability, integrity and community and are determined to improve the governance of our national game for the wider interests of football.

The organisation is run by a board of directors, all volunteers, working towards delivering real and long-lasting solutions. They have a large pool of advisors and experts supporting them and have produced a manifesto outlining the need for an independent regulator that incentivises good management of clubs

I was introduced to Fair Game about a month ago and after a chat with their CEO Niall Couper I became more intrigued. After further research, I found some of their experts where colleagues had previously worked with or connected with during my time at Surrey FA. Their values resonated with me and when they put out a call for more volunteers I was interested, but I wanted to make sure I had enough time to do the role justice. My trustee role with the London Football Trust was coming to an end as the organisation evolved into a National Trust so this freed up some of my time and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get involved in another Board role.

My role is to oversee Fair Game’s strategy, with a focus on brand, engagement, and fundraising. I will be working closely with Niall and Fair Game’s Head of Sales, Head of Fundraising and Head of Brand, Marketing & Design. It’s early days and I still have a lot of background information to go through and people to meet but it’s interesting and everyone involved is passionate about making football better and meeting their vision of a sport where every fan can put their shirt on in the morning proud in what it stands for, safe in the knowledge that the traditions and heritage of their club will always be there.

Fair Game is looking for more advocates to spread their message and support the cause. To find out more and see a list of clubs and individuals supporting them visit

Caroline x

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