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Collaboration & Development

Starting and growing a new business is a challenge and a journey, it is rare to come up with an idea and for it to be successful overnight. Of course, that does happen but only for a lucky few. For the rest of us, it takes time, dedication, learning what works, what can be improved, listening to others and gaining support.

It is also important to understand as a solo business owner that you cannot cover everything, and networking and working in collaboration with others makes sense. The same can be said of starting and growing a sports club. It takes time, lots of dedication, learning what works and what can be improved….without repeating myself hopefully, you get the idea.

Sports clubs have historically never been very good at collaboration, networking and learning from others, probably due to the rivalry of neighbouring clubs or the feeling that different clubs are in competition for the same people. This is changing slowly and more sports clubs are listening and learning from others. National Governing bodies and Sport England are encouraging clubs to share best practice and collaborate more, but this doesn’t just need to be among sports clubs.

Last summer in an effort to understand more about a successful business network that had grown around a club I got in touch with David Jueno and asked him how it worked and if his model was one that could be replicated at other clubs, essentially I was thinking of doing the same at Tooting & Mitcham if possible. The conversation developed and David went on to start The Sports Business Club, a national organisation designed to facilitate business networking whilst supporting grassroots sports club.

The organisation was officially launched in September and now has 100’s of members from businesses, to professional sports ambassadors as well as grassroots sports clubs and athletes, who are all benefitting from networking, support, advice and funding through this organisation.

This month The Sports Business Club launched the club support pack which has brought together an amazing group of companies that are committed to helping grassroots sport. Together they are raising money to assist sports clubs with these services, with the aim fo the fund to reduce the costs to clubs. I am proud to be a partner for the pack and I would encourage clubs to join up for free and for businesses to take up a membership. Donations to support the fund can be made at

In these times of difficulty, we all need to come together, learn from each other, collaborate more and help where we can. #togetherasone

Caroline x

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