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Build it and they will come...

Another great line from an iconic sporting movie, (I might be starting a bit of a trend now!), whilst memorable and to some extent true, it holds no weight when trying to justify facility development. You need to prove they will come.

Many sports clubs see a need for improved facilities and can understand the benefits it will bring to their club, but they also need to satisfy funding and local authority requirements to make it happen. Questions that need to be answered include: Has the project been identified as a strategic priority? Is there clear evidence of need? Who will use the facility and when?, What is your pricing policy? What are the development outcomes the club will achieve as a result of the new facility? How will the new facility be funded and what is the club contributing?

Answers to these questions take time and will include research, consultation, debate, and agreement, but it is an important first step in the journey to considering if your club's dream of a new facility is achievable or maybe still a pipe dream.

I am working with a number of clubs at this feasibility stage, where I support them to answer all these questions and compile the information into a document they can use to present to funders, the local authority, and potential partners to demonstrate their club’s ambitions for new facilities and how it could be achieved.

Many clubs underestimate the timescales for facility development thinking that within a season they can have their new pitch or changing room in place, but unless they have a wealthy benefactor willing to provide all the money, this is not realistic. Just the feasibility stage can take 6 months to a year, depending on various factors, such as people’s availability for meetings and response times, (and coronavirus certainly does not help!). So, a full project from start to finish can take anything from 2-5 years and for some even longer.

The result of a successful project though is the relief when it's complete, the pride on the official opening day, and the joy on participant's faces when they get to see and use the facilities for the first time, something I love witnessing. So, if your club is thinking about embarking on a journey to improve your facilities, get in touch and maybe I can point you in the right direction or help you through the process.

Caroline x

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